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wedding day

We know perfecting your wedding day timeline can be quite a task! Your photographer/videographer will help you craft the perfect timeline tailored specifically to your day. If your timeline changes after booking, we're happy to extend coverage or add on services at any time. These tips and examples should help you get started, but please let us know if you have any questions!

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  • Golden Hour

  • Don't forget to fit in at least 30 minutes where you and your fiancé are alone with the photographer and/or videographer.  This is best when planned within 2 hours of sunset and located outdoors (google your date + location + sunset to find your sunset time).  The lighting will be perfect, and these will likely be your favorite wedding day photos and videos!  If it doesn't work with your timeline to do this during golden hour, then work with your photographer to find an evenly shaded area for portrait photos.

  • Family Photos

  • We love family photos and want to get all the combinations important to you!  This process is more efficient and effective if you write a family photo list before the wedding day. Here is an example:

    • Bride, Groom, Mother-of-Bride, Father-of-Bride, Sally

    • Bride, Mother-of-Bride

    • Bride, Father-of-Groom

    • Bride, Groom, Mother of Groom, Father-of-Groom, Rhonda, Joe

    • Groom, Father-of-Groom

    • Groom, Mother-of-Groom

    • Bride, Groom, Deanne, Jack

We recommend that you remind family members ahead of time to stay after the ceremony and that your officiant makes an announcement at the end of the ceremony directing guests to where they need to go and for family members to stay behind for photos.

  • Transitions

  • As you write out your timeline, don't forget about transitions...if it takes 20 minutes to get to the reception hall from the church, plan at least 30 minutes for that transition.  Larger bridal parties will require more time for transitions.  Downtown locations require consideration of traffic and parking.

Shot List

  • Shot List

  • Think about what moments are most important to you to have captured.  Here is our standard shot list to help you get started.  

  • Recommendations

  • *These are general recommendations.  Please discuss desired photos and specific circumstances with your photographer and/or videographer to create a custom timeline for your day. Larger bridal parties and long lists of desired photos will most likely require more time than listed below.

  • Details - 30 minutes

    • *It's best if all items are gathered before we arrive: wedding dress (on a nice hanger), shoes, BOTH rings, watch, tie, perfume, jewelry: necklace, earrings, bracelets, bouquets (have the florist deliver before we arrive), two invitation suites, veil, lipstick, hairpiece, vow books

  • Getting Ready (Boys) - 30 minutes

  • Getting Ready (Girls) - 60 minutes

    • *We recommend that the bride and the person helping her into her dress are scheduled to be done with hair and makeup 15 minutes before we arrive. This allows a buffer so the whole day's schedule isn't thrown off if things run a little behind.

    • *This can be done in 30 minutes if everyone is completely ready (including dresses) and we do mock photos

  • First Look or First Touch - 15 minutes

    • *This is for each person/group you're doing a first look with.  So if you're doing one with your bridesmaids, father, and groom, 45 minutes is recommended.

    • *If you would like to do a private vow reading at this time, another 15 minutes is needed.​

  • Transition to Ceremony - 30 minutes

    • *This allows video time to set up the backup camera and wire audio.  This time also allows the bride to hide away while guests are arriving.

  • Ceremony - 30 minutes

    • *Please discuss with your officiant - 30 minutes is a general allotment.

    • *Let us know how involved you want us to be in the ceremony (you barely know we're there, or we're crafting the moment and up close)

    • *One long kiss or multiple kisses is appreciated.  Following the ceremony, please walk slowly, smile big, and kiss at the end of the aisle.

  • Family Photos - 30 minutes

    • * Remember to write out your list and appoint someone to gather people for each photo.

  • Bridal Party Photos - 30 minutes

    • *This can go quicker if we allow a little extra time right after "Getting Ready" to do bridal party separates (just the bride and her bridesmaids then just the groom with his groomsmen).

  • Couple Portraits - 45 minutes

    • *If sunset hits during your reception, we can sneak away for 20 minutes and get some of these photos done with good lighting.

  • Reception - 3 hours

    • *Each reception is a little different, but we've found that 3 hours generally gives us enough time to capture important events like first dances, toasts, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, and open dance with room for dinner somewhere in there.  We do not need to stay until the end of the reception unless you would like us to capture a formal exit.  Ask your team members about doing a mock exit if you'd like those photos/videos but are trying to keep to a tighter timeline. Sparkler photos can be taken at sunset or anytime after.

    • *Please notify caterers to serve your team members when you are served so that we don't miss any important moments.

    • *We recommend going into your first dance right after your grand entrance.  You have everyone's attention and it's a fun way to kick off the event. 

timeline tips

sample timelines



4.5 hrs

4:15 Venue shots, video setup for the ceremony

5:00 Ceremony

5:30 Family photos, bridal party, bride/groom 

6:30 Sunset

6:45 Reception: dinner

7:15 Speeches

7:45 First dances

8:00 Cake cutting

8:15 Open dance 

8:45 Photographer & Videographer leave

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6 hrs

2:30 Getting ready: Bride (finishing touches)

3:15 Getting ready: Groom

3:45 First Touch with Groom

4:00 Transition to ceremony & video setup for the ceremony

4:30 Ceremony

5:00 Family Photos

5:20 Bridal Party

5:45 Bride & Groom portraits

6:30 Grand entrance to the reception

7:00 Sunset

6:35 First Dances

(Bride & Groom) (Bride & Dad) (Groom & Mom)

6:50 Dinner

7:30 Speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss

8:15 Open Dancing

8:30 Photographer & Videographer leave

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8 hrs

1:00 Detail & Venue shots

1:30 Getting ready (Groom) + Portraits

2:15 Getting ready (Bride) + Portraits

3:30 First look with Dad

4:00 Transition to ceremony & video setup for the ceremony

4:30 Ceremony

5:00 Family Photos

5:30 Bridal Party 

6:00 Bride & Groom portraits

6:40 Sunset

6:45 Grand Entrance into Reception 

6:50 First Dance (Bride & Groom) + Welcome

7:00 Dinner

7:40 Speeches

8:10 Cake cutting, bouquet toss & garter toss

8:30 First Dances (Bride & Dad, Groom & Mom) 

8:40 Open Dance

9:00 Photographer & Videographer leave


premier or the ivory

10 hrs

12:00 Detail & Venue shots

12:30 Getting ready: Groom + Portraits

1:15 Getting ready: Bride + Portraits

3:00 First look with Groom & Portraits

4:00 Bridal Party

4:30 Transition to the ceremony & video setup for ceremony

5:00 Ceremony

5:30 Family Photos

5:45 Sunset

6:00 Grand entrance to reception

6:05 First Dances

(Bride & Groom) (Bride & Dad) (Groom & Mom)

6:20 Dinner

7:20 Speeches

7:50 Cake cutting, Bouquet toss & garter toss

8:10 Shoe game

8:30 Open Dancing

9:30 Private last dance

9:45 Sparkler send-off

10:00 Photographer & Videographer leave

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