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We know perfecting your wedding day timeline can be quite a task! When you book with us our photographers/videographers will jump on a call with you and help you finalize your timeline. We will provide and go over our shot list with you to ensure your day runs smoothly. Additionally, if your timeline changes after booking it's not a problem because you can extend coverage or add on services at anytime (even on your wedding day!) Because we understand plans sometimes change. Below you will find some example timelines that will hopefully give you a good springboard for determining which package will fit your needs best.

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 timeline tips:

  • As you're planning your timeline, don't forget to fit in at least 30 minutes where you and your fiancé are alone with the photographer and/or videographer.  This is best when planned within 2 hours of sunset and located outdoors.  The lighting will be perfect, and it's likely these will be your favorite wedding day photos and videos!

  • We love family photos and want to make sure to get all the combinations that are important to you!  In order to do this efficiently and effectively, we advise that you write out a list of the family shots that you would like captured. Here is an example:

    • Bride, Groom, Mother-of-Bride, Father-of-Bride, Sally

    • Bride, Mother-of-Bride

    • Bride, Father-of-Groom

    • Bride, Groom, Mother of Groom, Father-of-Groom, Rhonda, Joe

    • Groom, Father-of-Groom

    • Groom, Mother-of-Groom

    • Bride, Groom, Deanne, Jack

  • As you write out your timeline, don't forget about transitions...if it takes 20 minutes to get to the reception hall from the church, plan at least 30 minutes for that transition.

  • If you want to do a first look, plan to do this at least an hour before the ceremony starts so that you aren't rushed.

  • If your coverage time is more than 5 hours, be sure to talk to your team about their meal break.  The break is not included in your coverage time, and it can be a maximum of 30 minutes. For example, if your package includes 4.5 hours, the photographer and videographer could be there from 4:00-9:00 and take a 30-minute break during dinner.  We always appreciate it when a vendor meal is provided, but just let us know what your plans are ahead of time so we can plan for our own food if necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns about your timeline, don't hesitate to reach out to your photographer, videographer, or event manager.  We are happy to assist and want to help you plan your perfect day!


4 hours

4:00 Photographer & Videographer arrive 

         - Detail & Venue shots, video setup for ceremony

4:30 Ceremony

5:00 Family photos, bridal party, bride/groom 

6:00 Reception: dinner

6:30 Speeches

7:00 First dances

7:15 Cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss

7:45 Open dance 

8:00 Photographer & Videographer leave

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6 hours

2:00 Photographer & Videographer arrive
         - Detail & Venue shots 

2:15 Getting ready: Bride (finishing touches)

3:00 Getting ready (mock): Groom

3:20 First look with Groom

3:50 First Look with Dad

4:00 Transition to ceremony & video setup for the ceremony

4:30 Ceremony

5:00 Family Photos

5:20 Bridal Party

5:40 Bride & Groom portraits

6:20 Fake sendoff before the reception (with bridal party & close family)

6:30 Grand entrance to the reception

6:35 First Dances

(Bride & Groom) (Bride & Dad) (Groom & Mom)

6:50 Dinner, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss

*15-minute break for photographer & videographer

8:00 Open Dancing

8:15 Photographer & Videographer leave

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8 hours

1:00 Photographer & Videographer arrive

         - Detail & Venue shots

1:30 Guys getting ready

2:00 Girls getting ready

3:15 First look with Dad

3:30 Transition to ceremony & video setup for the ceremony

4:00 Ceremony

4:30 Social hour for guests

4:30 Family Photos & Bridal Party 

5:30 Bride & Groom portraits

6:00 Grand Entrance into Reception 

6:05 First Dance (Bride & Groom)

* 30-minute break for photographer & videographer

6:15 Dinner & Speeches

7:15 Cake cutting, bouquet toss & garter toss

7:45 First Dances (Bride & Dad, Groom & Mom) 

8:10 Open Dance

9:15 Sparkler Send-off

9:30 Photographer & Videographer leave

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8 hours

(Catholic wedding example)

11:30 Getting Ready (finishing touches only)

12:45 First look & bridal party

1:30 Transition to ceremony & video setup for ceremony

2:00 Ceremony

3:00 Family Photos

3:30 Transition to the reception venue

4:00 Arrive at venue - bride & groom portraits

4:30 Bride & Groom served dinner

*30-minute break for photographer & videographer

5:00 Grand entrance to the reception

5:05 First Dance (Bride & Groom)

5:15 Welcome & Dinner served (bride & groom greet guests)

6:00 Speeches 

6:30 Cake cutting

6:40 First dances (Bride & Dad) (Groom & Mom)

6:50 Open dance

7:30 Bouquet & garter toss 

8:00 Photographer & videographer leave


10 hours

12:00 Photographer & Videographer arrive

          - Detail & Venue shots

12:30 Getting ready: Bride with Mom

2:00 Getting ready: Groom

3:00 First look with Groom

4:00 Bridal Party

4:45 Transition to the ceremony & video setup for ceremony

5:30 Ceremony

6:00 Family Photos

6:30 Grand entrance to reception

6:35 First Dances

(Bride & Groom) (Bride & Dad) (Groom & Mom)

6:50 Dinner

*30 minute break for photographer & videographer 

7:20 Speeches

7:50 Cake cutting

8:00 Bouquet toss & garter toss

8:15 Shoe game

8:45 Open Dancing

10:15 Sparkler send-off

10:30 Photographer & Videographer leave

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